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The platform was established in 1998 - during this time the site has changed owners and names several times.

For free registration you would need an email address to receive a confirmation code, and a phone number to receive an SMS with a code. The platform will ask for identity confirmation - for this you need to provide your passport data and link a card to your account.

There are five types of accounts available for freelancers. The commission of the platform differs accordingly. With a free account, you can place only 10 applications per month, with the rest - up to 50. In addition, paid accounts make it possible to more actively promote freelance services by search engines and send a personal proposal directly to customers. Paid accounts cost from $ 12 to $ 50.

You can work as an individual or create your own team by distributing the work among the participants - the working time is tracked using Time Tracker. For agencies, brand development and the ability of team members to work on the platform are offered, regardless of their registration on

Safe pay is a shared account between a freelancer and an employer, to which the customer deposits funds to pay for the project. The AutoPay service automatically transfers money after the freelancer completes his work. You can withdraw money earned on through PayPal, Payoneer or by transferring to a bank account.