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This platform for copywriters was established in 2011. Text spelling cheque, SEO text analysis and check for uniqueness are available for free.

Registration is open and very simple, it does not require anything other than email. The profile is the same for customers and freelancers. It is possible to purchase a PRO account. With PRO account your rating can increase 30% faster, the uniqueness is checked faster, technical support solves issues from the PRO account first. Paid site services include checking the uniqueness of the site (without waiting), document and API. A PRO account allows you to make these checks for free.

Promotions and prize draws are regularly held on Text.ru. The user can get additional points to the rating for filling out the profile and many other actions. Every 24 hours there is an opportunity to take part in a quiz to get extra points or a PRO account for a day.

The customer can select and buy a finished work in the "article store", order a copyright or rewrite on any topic. Translation of texts is also available. The customer can independently choose a suitable freelancer from applications left by them. The site has a rating of both freelancers and customers.

In case of disputable situations, the administration carefully considers the complaint and makes a decision on a fair basis.


Маринина Елизавета

Одна из самых лучших бирж! Во-первых, всем известный сервис проверки, полностью бесплатный и достаточно точный и удобный. Во-вторых, нормальные системы регистрации и вывода денег. Нет лимита на отклики. Можно предлагать свой срок, если в заказе указан неподходящий. Так же и с ценой - в некоторых заказах  можно предлагать свою. Большие деньги тут заработать сложно, на сайте существуют задания только на копирайт и рерайт. Мне больше нравится продавать свои готовые статьи в магазине. Висеть статья может довольно долго, но в конце концов даже самые узконаправленные все равно покупают. 

Рейтинг набирается быстро, но снимается за всякие мелочи, например, отозванные заявки. Выводить можно сумму от 100 рублей, на любую из работающих в России систему электронных денег. 

Биржа отлично подходит новичкам) заказчики здесь нормальные, арбитраж честный.


Hacker's Alleged Method to 'Subpoena' Discord, Binance, Coinbase Users. In the digital age, privacy and security concerns are paramount, and with the rise of cryptocurrency transactions and online messaging platforms, the need for robust protection has never been greater. However, a recent threat emerges as a hacker claims to possess an alleged method to "subpoena" users of popular platforms like Discord, Binance, and Coinbase. While the hacker's intentions remain unclear, the implications of such a method could potentially expose sensitive user information and disrupt the trust that these platforms have painstakingly built. As users and authorities alike scramble to understand the extent of this threat, the urgency to fortify these platforms against potential breaches becomes more crucial than ever.
Argentinian Locals Seek Refuge in 'Crypto Caves' Amidst Inflation, Bitcoin Shunned - Inflation-plagued Argentina has given rise to a unique phenomenon known as 'crypto caves,' where locals seeking financial stability turn to alternative cryptocurrencies rather than Bitcoin. Faced with a relentless devaluation of their national currency, Argentinians are cautious about embracing Bitcoin due to its volatile nature. Instead, they flock to these makeshift underground marketplaces where they trade lesser-known cryptocurrencies, such as DAI, in hopes of preserving their hard-earned savings. As the government struggles to address the rampant inflation, these 'crypto caves' represent a glimmer of hope for Argentinians seeking stability and protection from their country's economic turmoil.
The EU Commission's proposal, aimed at combatting the rising instances of AI-powered child abuse, is a significant step in prioritizing the safety and protection of vulnerable young individuals. Recognizing the potential dangers posed by technology, this initiative seeks to criminalize the malicious use of artificial intelligence in exploiting children. By implementing strict regulations and penalties, the EU Commission hopes to deter offenders and ensure that those responsible for such heinous crimes are held accountable for their actions. This proposal not only showcases the commitment of the EU in safeguarding the rights of children but also highlights the urgent need for a comprehensive framework to address the misuse of AI in a society increasingly reliant on cutting-edge technology. EU Commission's Proposal: Criminalizing AI-Powered Child Abuse.
US Treasury Secretary Urges Federal Regulator for Stablecoins. US Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, has emphasized the need for a federal regulator to oversee stablecoins in a bid to ensure financial stability and protect investors. With their rapidly growing popularity and potential impact on the economy, stablecoins, such as Tether and USDC, have garnered the attention of regulators worldwide as they aim to address potential risks posed by these digital currencies. Yellen's plea for a federal regulator to step in reflects her concerns over the potential for market fragmentation and the possibility of disruptions caused by these stablecoins. In order to mitigate associated risks and safeguard consumers, a coordinated regulatory approach encompassing the entire stablecoin ecosystem is deemed vital, leading Yellen to call for federal oversight and a comprehensive regulatory framework.
Trader's $1M Fumble: Selling Solana Memecoin Too Early. In a shocking turn of events, a trader's monumental blunder led to the loss of a staggering $1 million. It all began when the trader came across a seemingly insignificant Solana memecoin, which they decided to sell off at a meager price tag. Little did they know that this unassuming token would go on to skyrocket in value, leaving them remorseful and filled with regret. The trader's hasty decision to sell too early proved to be a catastrophic mistake, transforming what could have been a life-changing fortune into a painful reminder of the importance of caution in the unpredictable world of cryptocurrency trading.
Google has been handed a hefty fine of 250 million euros by a French watchdog for infringing upon intellectual property rights through its AI technology. The fine was imposed by the French regulatory body, which found evidence of Google's unlawful utilization of protected artificial intelligence intellectual property. This significant financial penalty acts as a stern warning to tech giants operating within France, as it reinforces the country's commitment to safeguarding intellectual property rights. The verdict, "Google Fined 250M Euros for AI IP Infringement by French Watchdog," underscores the growing importance of respecting intellectual property in the rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence.
Open-Source GPU Accelerator for ZK-Proof Protocols Released by Space and Time, marking a significant milestone in the field of secure and private computation. Space and Time, a renowned technology company specializing in cutting-edge solutions, has unveiled their groundbreaking innovation - an open-source GPU accelerator designed specifically for Zero-Knowledge (ZK) proof protocols. This revolutionary device promises to enhance the performance of ZK-proof protocols, enabling faster and more efficient computation of complex cryptographic operations. With the release of this powerful accelerator, Space and Time aims to empower developers and researchers in their quest to create secure and privacy-preserving applications for a wide range of industries, including finance, healthcare, and telecommunications.
The Boon and Threat of Visa and Mastercard: Implications for Crypto Exchanges The rise of Visa and Mastercard has undoubtedly been a boon for wallet holders, providing convenience and accessibility for financial transactions worldwide. However, as these payment giants continue to dominate the traditional financial landscape, there is growing concern over their potential threat to crypto exchanges. With their massive customer base and established infrastructure, Visa and Mastercard hold a significant advantage over crypto exchanges in terms of user acquisition and transaction volume. This poses a potential challenge for the crypto industry as it strives to gain mainstream acceptance. While the integration of these payment networks could potentially expand crypto adoption, there is also a risk that crypto exchanges may be overshadowed or marginalized by the dominance of Visa and Mastercard, limiting their growth and development. As the crypto and traditional financial worlds continue to collide, the implications of Visa and Mastercard's influence on crypto exchanges remain a subject of intense debate and speculation.
The US AI Safety Consortium unveiled its groundbreaking initiative today, reaffirming its commitment to ensuring the responsible development and deployment of artificial intelligence. With some of the biggest names in the tech industry at the helm, including Google, Microsoft, and Facebook, this consortium aims to address and mitigate the potential risks associated with AI technology. Bringing together the collective expertise and resources of these tech giants, the consortium aims to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing to create robust safety standards that prioritize human well-being. Their common goal is to chart a path towards AI innovation that upholds ethical principles and safeguards against unintended consequences. The US AI Safety Consortium Unveiled: Tech Giants at the Helm, signifying a new era of cooperation and strategic guidance in the future of AI technology.
The Bitcoin Halving's Impact on Interoperability. The Bitcoin halving's impact on interoperability cannot be underestimated, particularly when it comes to cross-chain solutions. As the supply of newly minted bitcoins decreases due to the halving event, the market dynamics are likely to change, potentially influencing the incentives and behavior of participants in the cross-chain ecosystem. With the reduced supply, there may be a heightened focus on efficiency and cost-effectiveness, prompting the exploration and adoption of more streamlined and interoperable solutions. As projects seek to leverage the benefits of various blockchains, the halving may act as a catalyst for the development of innovative interoperability solutions that facilitate seamless communication, data transfer, and asset exchange across different chains.
Futureverse Studios Reveals 'Open': Readyverse Battle Royale Trailer. Futureverse Studios has set the gaming world abuzz with their highly anticipated release, revealing the exhilarating trailer for their latest creation, 'Open'. This innovative battle royale game takes place in the virtual universe of Readyverse, offering players a thrilling and immersive experience unlike any other. The trailer showcases the stunning graphics and intense gameplay, giving a glimpse into the action-packed battles that await. With 'Open', Futureverse Studios has once again pushed the boundaries of virtual reality gaming, cementing their position as pioneers in the industry. Get ready to step into the 'Open' and embark on an unforgettable adventure.
The Greek stock exchange is considering implementing the Sui Blockchain as an on-chain fundraising tool. With the increasing popularity of blockchain technology worldwide, the Greek stock exchange aims to leverage its potential for enhanced efficiency and transparency in their fundraising activities. The Sui Blockchain, specifically designed for fundraising purposes, could revolutionize the Greek stock market by providing a secure and decentralized platform for investors and companies alike. This innovative tool would enable the Greek stock exchange to streamline the fundraising process, attract more investors, and ultimately support the growth and development of the Greek economy. Sui Blockchain: Greek Stock Exchange's On-Chain Fundraising Tool promises to be a game-changer for Greece's financial market, opening up new possibilities for capital raising and fostering economic prosperity.




I think the fact that within the bitcoin universe an algorithm replaces the functions of the government is actually pretty cool. I am a big fan of Bitcoin. – Al Gore, 45th Vice President of the United States https://cutt.ly/pwBLE09s